Our Services


Preventive/ dietary advice

We will make sure you know what is a healthy dental regime to keep the risks of dental decay and gum disease down to a minimum.

Healthy gums/mouth

A healthy mouth needs healthy gums. We will help you get healthy gums by a combination of education (so you know what to do daily) and treatment to eliminate other causes of gum disease with the help of our dental hygienist.

Relief of toothache

We offer a prompt resolution of toothaches. We will check for dental decay and recommend fillings if necessary. These are often tooth coloured. Sadly some teeth need to be lost and this will be carried out painlessly.

Missing teeth/gaps

There are many ways to restore gaps and we can offer dentures, bridges and implants for the solution that is right for you. This is something to ask at your consultation.

Tooth whitening

This is a great way to turn back the clock and whiter teeth again. We offer professional tooth whitening carried out in a clinical setting by a trained professional who will assess all the teeth and check that there is no reason it can’t be done.

Mouth guards

We provide a range of sports mouth guards in various thicknesses, colours and logos.

We also provide guards to reduce symptoms of night grinding.

Cosmetic services

We provide solutions to aesthetic problems with cosmetic dentistry. These may range from white fillings to veneers, crowns, bridges and whitening.

Straight teeth

We offer a prompt referral service for children and adults who need orthodontic treatment.


We offer a prompt referral service to local specialists.


We love seeing children and getting them into good dental health habits.